Machinery and Equipment for bakery   

Since 1960, Turri F.lli srl designs and manufactures machines and equipment for bakeries, confectioneries, pizzerias etc. nuova foto stabilimento ridottaOur machines have gained worldwide reputation for high reliability, versatility, ease of use and economy management; thanks to the particular attention paid in the design, manufacturing, assembly and testing. The design originates from the real knowledge of the needs and problems of the baker, that are deal and resolved in a simple,

rational and innovative way;  for design are used the most advanced CAD-CAM systems (Parametric Pro-Engineer®). During the production and assembly particular attention is paid to the choice of appropriate materials and the best components; the processes are carried out by specialized technicians with numerical control machines of the latest generation, both to ensure reliability in the time and excellent performance. Series production starts only after a period of testing on prototypes in order to verify perfect compliance of machine with its use and reliability. The wide range of our products is designed to meet several needs in bakery sector; it includes: mixers, lifters, dividers, rounders, moulders, laminating machines, etc. Our machines are easily coupled to each other so as to form lines of production of bread worked fully automatic, able to provide excellent performance in terms of production capacity and product quality.
Our company is constantly growing. Durig 2003 we acquired two Italian companies:
- ALASKA SRL Founded in San Pietro in Casale (BO) in 1967, Italian leader in the field of industrial refrigeration
- VICTUS SRL : Founded in Colorno (PR) in 1976, specializing in the production of ovens for bakery and pastry shop.
During 2005, the production of all 3 companies were concentrated in the plant in Costa di Rovigo (RO) in order to have a better organization.
From the merger of  the three companies was born TURRI GROUP that, with the know-how and experience gained in over 50 years of work, is able to provide customers with turnkey systems from design to implementation.