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"No-Stress" Gravi-Flux and Gravi-Line multiproduct presentation 


Turri F.lli Srl is pleased to show the advantages and innovative concepts of the revolutionary “No-Stress” Gravi-Flux divider thanks to which the European Patent EP2384628A1 has been granted. The unparalleled possiilities offered by this machine set it as reference product for our Gravi-Line multiproduct line.
The innovative concepts of the machine described in detail in the patent mentioned above and its major advantages over the competitors are shown below.
1) Stress-free lamination thanks to uniform dough stretching on its whole thickness.
Innovative lamination process by means of rollers placed along a double-arch frame. The oscillation of the upper roller arch ensures a stress-free laminated dough. This exclusive kinematic motion results in an improved alternate stretching of the dough sheet fibres on both its faces and finally a homogeneous dough stretching on its whole thickness.
Here it is how the upper roller oscillation generates this positive effect: 
  • During roller oscillation in the direction of advancement of the sheet of dough the speed of the sheet of dough when in contact with upper rollers is equal to roller rotation speed and oscillation speed. However, the speed of the sheet of dough when in contact with lower rollers – which do not oscillate – is only equal to roller rotation speed.Therefore dough stretching when in contact with upper roller is higher than when in contact with lower rollers.
  •  During roller oscillation opposite to the direction of advancement of the sheet of dough the speed of the sheet of dough when in contact with upper rollers is equal to roller rotation speed less the oscillation speed. However, the speed of the sheet of dough when in contact with lower rollers – which do not oscillate – is equal to roller rotation speed.Therefore dough stretching when in contact with upper roller is less high than when in contact with lower rollers.
At the end of a complete oscillation cycle the stretching of the fibres of the dough is uniform on the whole dough thickness thus resulting in a stress-free dough.
Lamination systems not providing our patented kinematic motion cause a higher stretching in the middle of the dough than in its external sides where the dough is in contact with the rollers. This results in residual stress inside the dough foil.

1.1)  Plus factor 1: stress-free laminated dough make gases released during yeasting create a better alveolated and light dough texture

2)  Gentle processing of the dough similar to which obtained by a baker with manual tools. 

Lamination and cutting processing similar to the baker, who rolls out the dough gently and then cut it using manual tools.
To this purpose the beating roller lamination system can be adjusted to the frequency required by any kind of dough, in the same way as the baker acts.
Guillotine cutting device ensures an extremely gentle dough process which always results in a light and well-alveolated bread texture as if it were worked by hand-operated tools.
The stress-free dough sheet is brought to the cutting device by means of conveyor belts. Conveyor belts stop when the dough is cut to guarantee soft and precise cutting
2.1) Plus factor: final product is well-alveolated and fragrant as if it were handmade and can be sold at a higher profit margin compared to products obtained with the machines currently known


 3) High weighing accuracy with any kind of dough even those containing 80% of water up to 3 hours
  The high-accuracy loading cells (accuracy of 0.1 g), the cutting-edge predictive software to manage the advancement speed dependent on the weight detected every millisecond and the  double blade cutting device guarantee a high weighing accuracy with any kind of dough and size even in case of high hourly production.

3.1) Plus factor: high weighing accuracy with high hourly production even in case of hard or sticky dough  (that otherwise could be divided only by hand) to save significant labour and time.

You can produce e.g. 300 g. pieces at a production rate of N. 1 piece every 1.5 sec. The max production rate by hand is about N. 1 piece every 4.5 sec. considering the time required to cut, weigh and correct by adding or reducing dough. This labour-saving technology (3 people less are required) ensures a fast return of the investment.


 4) Evenly spaced cutting of dough portions even in case of a 2-row dividing unit 

The set weight is obtained through the continuous adjustment of the conveyors’ speed to ensure the target weight of every portion at the time set by production parameters.

Cut portions are always evenly spaced. In case of a 2-row dividing unit portions are cut at the same time on both belts. For example in case of a 2-row diving unit processing 3600 portions per hour the multiple cut occurs every 2 seconds and the following cut portions are discharged evenly spaced at a distance of 80 cm one from the other.  This peculiarity improves the machine versatility as it can be combined with machines downstream of the dividerwhich are part of Gravi-Line automatic production lines. In fact in the production of loaves or Ciabatta-shaped bread Gravi-Flux divider can be directly combined to automatic panning units. No rephasing unit is required.
Rheon V221 is the only machine from competitors that can be compared to Gravi-Flux. This conveyor belt fixed-speed machine cuts the portion when the detected weight matches the set weight. Therefore portions are not evenly spaced and are not simultaneously discharged when produced by a 2-row divider unit. These machines require rephasing on weighing belts with consequent loss of production.
 4.1) Plus factor: user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness as the machine is easily combined to automatic panning systems.


5) High-capacity hopper 65 kg easy to load

 High-capacity hopper provided with a star cut for less frequent and more rapid loadings with real savings in time. Most of the dividers for highly-leavened dough from competitors are not provided with an integrated star cut but only with feed conveyors having a max capacity of about 15 kg. This is why the loading procedure occurs 4 times more often and lasts longer: dough strips have to be cut and placed on the feeding belt by hand. 
Plastic basket lifters are available to speed up hopper loading procedure.
 5.1) Plus factor: Faster and less frequent loadings with real savings in time


 6)  Gravi-Flux divider of the Gravi-Line  modular multiproduct line

Turri has developd a series of machines that can be combined to No-Stress Gravi-Flux divider so as to get Gravi-Line multiproduct lines.
Any Gravi-Line product line is based on Gravi-Flux divider that produces Ciabatta-shaped bread. Any product line can develop little by little incorporating other machines to produce bread in other shapes such as baguettes, loaves, buns.
Also Gravi-Line automation can be improved by incorporating an automatic panning system for all the different products of the line.
Gravi-Line machines have been developed in line with the following criteria:
  • Compatibility with all the other Gravi-Line machines
  • No-Stress gentle processing
  • More product shapes (in addition to the existing ones)
  • Discharge at the end of the production line for any kind of products
These are the Gravi-Line machines:
  • No Stress divider (1-row 150 to 1300 g. -  2-row 75 to 650 g.): Gravi-flux
  • Rounder with eccentric movement and bypass system: Gravi-Rondo
  • Splitting conveyor belt (to space dough pieces in case of 2-row operation): Gravi-Split
  • Two-step loaf-moulder with bypass system: Gravi-Forma
  • Optical centering device (required by the panning system): Gravi-Centra
  • Automatic panning system for any kind of products: Gravi-Integlia

 6.1)  Plus factor: Protection of the initial investment and growth opportunities over time



For more information about this machine, please refer to PRODUCT PAGE


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