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Ideal for rounding both soft and medium doughs. The rounding is obtained by a rotating cone which rolls the dough along the channels to obtain the spherical shape.
The regulation of channels distance from the cone allows to obtain not only the same accuracy of form, from 30 gr. to 1600 gr., but also to calibrate the rounding force. In fact it’s also possible, for each size, to obtain more or less tight pieces according to the distance setting between channels and cone.
The capacity of rounding such a wide range of sizes (30 gr to 1600 gr) enables this machine, with enormous saving, to replace two fixed conical rounders (one for smaller sizes up to 500 gr; the second for larger sizes up to 1600 gr). It can be fitted with a hot and cold air ventilation system which allows, with the slight drying of the surface, to work perfectly even the most humid doughs. It’s fitted with an automatic flour-duster.
The channels are teflon-coated to facilitate the sliding of the dough granting the easiest operation.

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  • Steel structure
  • Anticorodal aluminium cone available in different profiles (thick or rare lines, rough etc)
  • Manually adjustable teflon-coated channels
  • Belt drive
  • Flour-duster with brush and adjustable flow rate
  • Swiveling wheels with locking device

Optional extras:

  • Teflon coated cone
  • Hot and cold air ventilation

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