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The No-Stress technology of all machineries makes it possible to produce a wide variety of handcraft products exactly as if they were handmade such as ciabatte, round breads, long loaves, etc. Natural, well-alveolated and high quality products are always obtained without using chemical additives.

The heart of the production line is Gravi-Flux divider that with its high accuracy weighing cells ensure high-precision in the weight.

Thanks to beating roller lamination and the guillotine cutting, the stressless dough is ready to be directly rounded and even moulded with no need of expensive and bulky intermediate proofers.

Due to its high automation level, the whole production line can be operated by one single operator, thus ensuring a rapid return on investment. The finished product is always delivered at the end of the production line, whatever the desired form is (rectangular, round, long loaves) to meet the requirements of an efficient organization of the bakery.

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  • Gravi-Flux Divider - No-Stress : Beating roller lamination and cutting with weight control. To process dough gently and produce light and well alveolated bread texture as if worked by hand by using rolling-pin and knife.

  • Gravi-Rondo – Rounder-No-Stress : Rounding with adjustable eccentric movement It rounds gently stroking the dough like the baker’s hand. The adjustable eccentricity of oscillating bell allow to round a large variety of sizes.

  • Gravi-Split – Splitting conveyor belt :  It distances the dough pieces when the line works at two rows.

  • Gravi-Forma – Long-loaf moulder-No-Stress : Provided with a motorized loaf moulding table. It gently lengthens dough without damaging its texture.

  • Gravi-Centra – Optical centering device :  It centers and aligns dough pieces for subsequent panning

  • Gravi-Integlia – Automatic panning system :  Suitable for pans width 800 mm and different lengths. Equipped with motorized roller for loaves/baguettes


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