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IS 40/60 VIS - ISF 40/60 VIS

This mixer can quickly mix any kind of dough for bread, pizza and confectionery. Designed to reduce working time to lowest levels (12-15 minutes) without heating dough and assuring its proper oxygenation, too. Equipped with timers which automatically stop the machine once the desired working time is achieved. Motor and drives are set so as to easily process the hardest kinds of dough too. All parts coming into direct contact with dough, such as bowl, kneading arm, column and bolts too, are made of stainless steel, according to applicable sanitary standards. Highest safety conditions are ensured to the operator : the bowl is protected by a safety grate and the control board is low-voltage (24 Volts). 

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  • Low voltage control board with n.1 or n. 2 timers according to the model
  • Steel body, stainless steel bowl
  • High resistance stainless steel column and kneading arm
  • Kneading arm double speed motor with timer
  • Bowl motor with reversing (only model ISF 40/60 VIS)
  • Adjustable belt drivers
  • Wheel mounted and equipped with locking device

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