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Turri is pleased to present the first spiral mixer designed specifically for pizza doughs.
Margherita is designed to meet the needs of the most advanced pizza chefs focused on to the quality of their products and the new needs of customers.
The request for special doughs such as those with flour of ancient grains, ground to stone or gluten-free and highly digestible, finds the best solution with Margherita.
Thanks to the temperature control Margherita is able to work any type of dough without overheating it.
The possibility to adjust the speed of the bowl and the spiral allows to obtain very high hydration up to over 100%. Only with the hydration Margherita is able to achieve it is possible to obtain very high quality and digestible pizzas. Highly versatile and easy to use; It can work in the following way: manual, semiautomatic, and automatic enabling to set mixing cycles with several working steps. The temperature control safeguards the dough from high  temperatures by suspending the working cycle until the temperature is higher than the set safety limit. The optional adjustable speed for spiral and bowl makes it ideal for all kind of dough allowing it to replace diving arms mixers. Very simple and strong mechanics. All drivers are made with adjustable belts to obtain the maximum quietness and easily maintenance. The particular shape of kneading arm and its speeds respect to the bowl allow to quickly mix any kind of dough without overheating and ensuring the proper oxygenation. All parts coming into direct contact with dough, such as bowl, kneading arm and column are made in stainless steel according to the best sanitary standards.

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  • Color Touch screen 7” control board
  • Steel body, stainless steel bowl
  • High resistance stainless steel dough brake and kneading arm
  • Double speed kneading arm motor timer
  • Bowl motor with reversion
  • Adjustable belt drivers
  • Wheel mountend and equipped with locking device


  • Adjustable speed by inverter for bowl and kneading arm
  • Wi Fi for Industry 4.0

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