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ISA-D 300

Mixer with double spiral for a rapid homogeneous blending of all ingredients, followed by intensive kneading (dough-friendly). The particular shape of kneading arm and the central column allow the proper oxygenation meanwhile reducing overheating of the dough. Ideal for continuous cycle processing with two or more bowls, as its mixing bowl is removable. Bowls are easily replaced, since they are automatically locked when lowering the kneading arm holding head.
The AUTO-CYCLE function allows the machine to store the mixing cycles directly during work, so there are no programming problems. These programs are stored in the CONTINUOUS MEMORY, ready to be executed.
The TEMPERATURE CONTROL safeguards the dough from high temperatures interrupting the processing cycle as soon as the temperature gets higher than the limit chosen by the baker. The KW FUNCTION always ensures perfect doughs automatically adapting the working time to the kind of dough. It’s extremely versatile and easy to use: it can work manually, semiautomatically, automatically and in auto-cycle way adapting itself at all needs. The mechanics is extremely simple and strong. All drives are made with adjustable belts to obtain the maximum quietness and reliability. Motors and drives dimensions have been selected to process the hardest kinds of dough. All parts coming into direct contact with dough, such as bowl, kneading arm and column are made in STAINLESS STEEL according to the best sanitary standards.

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  • Higher hourly output rates due to short kneading cycle
  • Low voltage electric box with check-control
  • Hydraulic lifting of the head
  • Drive by belts and reducers
  • Steel body, stainless steel bowl
  • High resistance stainless steel kneading arm and column
  • Double speed kneading arm motor adjustbale by inverter
  • Double speed bowl motor adjustable by inverter
  • Removable bowl on casters

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