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Automatic panning system

Automatic panning system able to discharge Graviline products on any kind of tray, form 60x80cm to 120x80. Gravi Integlia can manage without problems pieces of different shapes, such as squared products, round products or baguettes.


The motorized belt is equipped with a stepper motor, that allows the machine to evenly distance the dough pieces. The tear-off discharge mechanism gently drops the pieces on the underlying trays. The inclination of the final part of the belt is adjustable to facilitate the panning calibration, and the system is also equipped with a pre-alignment roller that can be inserted to align baguettes and long loaves. In the standard configuration the tray loading and unloading are performed on the same side, to allow a single operator to manage the machine. Gravi Integlia has also a security mechanism that stops the whole Graviline in case a tray is missing, to avoid waste of product. Available on request with tray loading and unloading on the opposite sides of the machine, for continuous cycle working. For an even higher degree of automation, it can be equipped with an automatic tray warehouse containing 15 empty trays that are picked up automatically by the system.

Nella versione base il caricamento delle teglie avviene dallo stesso lato da cui vengono scaricate, per permettere la gestione della macchina da parte di un singolo operatore. Dotato di meccanismo di sicurezza per arrestare l’intera linea in caso di mancato scarico della teglia.

Disponibile anche nella versione con caricamento teglie da un lato e scarico dal lato opposto per lavoro in flusso continuo. Per un livello di automazione ancora maggiore presente infine la versione dotata di un magazzino di 15 teglie vuote prelevate in automatico dalla macchina.

Technical features

  • Manual tray loading and unloading from the same side
  • Motorized belt in blue plastic for alimentary use
  • Adjustable advancement speed
  • Touch screen control panel with customisable programs
  • Automatic pause for the whole line in case of delay in the tray unloading from the operator
  • Conveyor belt system for tray loading on one side and unloading on the other side
  • Conveyor belt system for automatic warehouse for 15 trays, unloading on the other side


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