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Eccentric-movement rounder for Graviline

Rounder with adjustable eccentric rotatory movement designed for use in Graviline. Available in the single-head version for one row production, or double-head version for two rows. Perfect to delicately round loaves from 50 grams up to 2400 grams.


The handy bypass belt can be lifted to exclude Gravi Rondo for productions that do not need a rounding step.

All parts coming into contact with the dough and all the mechanical parts are easily accessible, thus making cleaning and maintenance extremely easy.

Technical features

  • Planetary-rotating bell with adjustable eccentricity
  • Bell and ring coated in blue plastic for alimentary use
  • Inverter for rotation speed control
  • By-pass system to exclude the machine for productions that do not need rounding
  • Special conveyor with tracks to guide the pieces inside the rounder
  • Painted steel structure and stainless-steel covers
  • Transmission with gears and belts
  • Bell-movement gears in grease bath
  • Adjustable flour sifters equipped with photocell and controlled by the touch screen panel
  • “Pieces doubler” automatic start/stop system, to join two pieces in one and reach higher sizes


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