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Dough-moistening station for seed application

Station to moisten both sides of the dough with a sprinkler, in order to facilitate the sticking of the seeds placed in the following rotating plate.


A special conveyor belt made of several bands moves the pieces under a sprinkler which, thanks to its inferior and superior sprays, moistens the dough on both sides. The pieces are then unloaded by a conveyor belt into the rotating plate, and they cover themselves with seeds. Equipped with adjustable speed via inverter, together with the SCIA divider can form an automatic line to divide, moisten and cover in seeds the dough.

In abbinamento con la spezzaciabatta SCIA 1-2 forma una linea completamente automatica per spezzare ed inumidire la pastella che, cadendo sul piatto rotante, si ricopre di semi.

Technical features

  • Machine made completely in stainless steel
  • 3 plates included
  • Supplementary dishes


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