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Automatic roll moulding machine for medium-hard dough

Designed to carry out a completely automatic dividing and moulding cycle. The ideal machine to produce rolled bread of either long or compact shapes.


     Model | Weight range (grams)


G1-250 30-250 gr
G1-400 45-400 gr


The group is made by a blade dividing machine, a first fixed moulding machine and a second swivelling moulding machine. A practical conveyor belt carries the dough to be divided and a simple dividing system delicately divides it without mistreating it. The divider allows the independent selection of weight and size, in order to cover all the different productions.

The following fixed moulder gives the pieces the first elongation. The second moulder orientation can be adjusted, to obtain the desired rolling. Keep the 2 moulders aligned to obtain long shapes such as long loaves, or place them perpendicularly to get more compact and rolled up shapes such as the “mantovana” bread.


La seconda formatrice è inoltre staccabile, può essere utilizzata come macchina indipendente.
Disponibile nella versione G1/250 che produce pezzature da 30 a 250 grammi, e nella versione G1/400 per pezzature da 45 a 400 grammi. L’alta produttività di entrambi i modelli, fino a 80 pezzi al minuto, permette di ottenere un notevole risparmio di tempo nelle lavorazioni.


Technical features

  • Steel body
  • Independent motor for the dividing machine and for each moulding machine
  • Dividing machine equipped with speed motor
  • Two-speed detachable moulding machine
  • Belt drive transmission
  • Stainless steel blades, stainless steel and chromium-plated rollers
  • Loading conveyor belt (kg.10 capacity)
  • On wheels equipped with locking system
  • Low voltage control board





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