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Dynamic intermediate proofer

Ideal for products that require resting time between rounding and moulding. Placing the intermediate proofer between the rounder and the moulder eliminates the need of manual handling of dough pieces and reduces the space required for their rest. The pieces advance dynamically inside the proofer by moving from one pocket to the other.


    Model | Pockets | Max Weight (gr)


CD-210 210 600
CD-300 300 600
CD-380 380 600
CD-160G 160 1500
CD-190G 190 1500
CD-270G 270 1500
CD-400G 400 1500


The CD is an extremely compact proofer, and requires a smaller space compared to the resting table used in the manual process. The pieces are loaded into trays with pocket, and each complete turn of the moving chain they are tipped over the next pocket. Once the last position is reached, the pieces come out at the opposite end of the machine. The number of trays required is calculated based on the desired hourly production rate and the required resting time. In the biggest 400 pockets version a resting time of 20 minutes can be reached, with a production rate of 20 pieces/hour of 300 grams maximum (see technical table for complete details).

Il numero di tasche necessario viene determinato sulla base della produzione oraria e del tempo di riposo desiderati. Nella versione più grande a 400 tasche è possibile raggiungere un tempo di riposo fino a 20 minuti con una produzione di 20 pezzi/ora (consulta i dati tecnici per il dettaglio dei tempi ottenibili).

Technical features

  • Pieces loading by means of a ramp
  • Motorized unloading conveyor-belt on *G models, unloading by ramp on others
  • Stainless steel cover
  • Flour-sifter at the entrance of the pieces
  • Electrical system protected by thermal-magnet counter
  • Germicidal ultraviolet lamp
  • Temperature control
  • Humidity control
  • Motorized unloading conveyor-belt for 210, 300 and 380 models (standard for *G models)
  • 7” touch screen control panel


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