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Cream cooker

Ideal for medium-low density products, perfect to prepare great custards, sauces, concentrates and syrups. The machine works thanks to the bain-marie principle, realising high-quality foods and maintaining the organoleptic properties of the ingredients unaltered.


     Tank capacity (liters):


30 50 60 80
100 120 150 200


The cooker is made entirely in stainless steel, with insulated tank and a gap to allow the cooking by circulation of oil with controlled temperature. The central mixing tool has side and bottom scrapers, to prevent the product from sticking to the tank. The cooking is quick and homogeneous thanks to the stainless-steel armoured electric resistances with adjustable power. The temperature is controlled by an electronic thermostat, and a timer with acoustic signal controls the duration. The product removal is made easier by the use of levers that control the tank rotation.

Technical features

  • Cooker entirely made in stainless steel
  • Triple walls mixing tank
  • Two fixed mixing speeds
  • Manual tank flipping by means of levers
  • Stainless steel drain valve on front
  • Electronic mixing timer 
  • Tank probe to control product temperature
  • Working hours counter for oil change on CU 30/50/60/80 (standard on other models)
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Automatic bowl tilting (only for CU 100/120/150/200)
  • Double rotation direction (clockwise/counter clockwise)

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