Modular rounder & long-loaf moulder

An extremely versatile machine which allows to have two completely autonomous machines in a restricted space: the AR2 rounder with eccentric movement and the FP long-loaf moulder. These machines can also be quickly separated to suit different needs with great saving of time and labour.


To produce loaves that need long resting times between rounding and moulding the machines can be separated and used one at a time. When there is no need for long resting times, the two machines can be used in the combined configuration. The connecting belt still ensures a sufficient rest (up to 9 seconds) between rounding and loafing. When the machines are together the rounder can be used standalone to produce round bread (200 -4000 gr) or combined with the loaf moulder to produce loaves (50 -1500 gr). In both cases the product is unloaded on the front tray simply acting on the rotating direction of the conveyor belt located between the rounder and the loaf moulder.

Product features

Moulder with adjustable loafing table


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