Long-loaf moulder with 4 cylinders

Highly versatile and robust moulder, designed for industrial applications. FP4 can produce long loaves starting from a minimum of 50 gr. and up to a maximum of 2500 gr.


The feeding conveyor belt can be set in different positions thus ensuring the maximum flexibility in the coupling with other machines. Two adjustable centring flaps (positioned inside the hopper) centre the dough for the lamination, ensuring long-loaf breads with uniform shape and dimension. The four nylon laminating cylinders can be independently adjusted to obtain a precise lamination with all dough types. The wide gap between the two couple of laminating cylinders allows the dough to relax between the first and second lamination, obtaining in such a way a very gentle treatment of the dough. A heavy cloth, positioned just after the laminating cylinders, gives the dough a first curling to prepare it for the loafing made by the loafing table. The regulation of the loafing table is achieved by the front control-panel, easily reachable from the product exit position, which means great time saving. The moulding table is easily exchangeable and available in the flat, concave and convex versions to obtain the desired shape at all times.

Product features

Long-loaf moulder with 2 pressing cylinders


Modular rounder & long-loaf moulder

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