Touch screen spiral mixer with fixed bowl

Highly versatile and easy to use, ISF UNI TCH can work in manual, semiautomatic, and automatic mode, enabling to set mixing cycles with up to 20 working steps.
Bowl capacity (dough)
40 kg
60 kg
80 kg
130 kg
160 kg
200 kg
250 kg
300 kg


Equipped with 7” touch screen control panel, with WiFi connection for remote supervision. The temperature control function prevents the dough from overheating, by suspending the working cycle until the temperature goes below the set value. The optional adjustable speed for spiral and bowl makes it ideal for all kind of dough, even the softest ones, allowing it to replace the slower diving arms mixers.

The mechanics are very simple and robust, all transmissions are made with adjustable belts to obtain the maximum noiselessness and ease of maintenance. All parts coming into direct contact with the dough, such as the bowl, the kneading arm and the column are made in stainless steel according to the best sanitary standards.

Product features

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