Compact Volumetric divider

Compact volumetric divider, designed to process soft and medium dough of both wheat flour and mixed wheat/rye, used with very good results also in the pastry industry.
Piston (mm diameter)
Weight range (grams)
90 mm
50-500 gr
110 mm
80-800 gr
125 mm
100-1100 gr
140 mm
200-1350 gr
150 mm
250-1600 gr
170 mm
400-1800 gr
63×2 mm
25-200 gr
75×2 mm
35-300 gr

Hopper capacity (dough)

50 kg
80 kg
100 kg
180 kg
225 kg
315 kg
140 kg


The revolutionary dividing system requires minimal cleaning since there are no dough residual into dividing drum at the end of production cycle. A simple dividing system delicately divides the dough without compressing it, while ensuring high weight accuracy. Productivity can be set from 900 pcs/hr up to 2700 pcs/hr, making it one of the most efficient dividers on the market. Thanks to its height-adjustable conveyor belt, available in two different lengths, the machine can be adapted to a wide range of applications and can be easily combined with other machines such as rounders and moulders.

Product features

Extra-large volumetric divider

Oleodynamic dividers with square/hexagonal cut

Industria 4.0

Volumetric divider

Pressure hopper for volumetric divider

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