Moulder with adjustable loafing table

Designed to perfectly shape any kind of moulded bread. It can be used both as a regular moulder, by keeping the long loaf moulder table completely in the open position, or as a long loaf moulder.


The long loaf moulder table is adjustable and can be easily changed. There are several table types available (flat, convex, etc.), to produce all the desire loaf shapes. The feeding conveyor belt, which allows simple joining with other machines, can be supplied at request with a pre-flattening cylinder. Maximum precision in all kinds of productions is granted by the independently adjustable cutting rolls and the shaping belt. The machine is available in the four-cylinders model FF/4, suitable for larger shapes (50-1500 gr) or the two-cylinders model FF/2 for smaller sizes (20-600gr).

Product features

Long-loaf moulder with 2 pressing cylinders

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