Automatic and manual pastry sheeters

Latest generation sheeters for pastry laboratories, bakeries, restaurants, delicatessens and pizzerias. Designed for rolling dough bands to make puff pastry, croissants, shortcrust pastry and pizza. They can work any type of pastry dough and obtain very thin thicknesses.
Conveyor belt width (mm):
500 mm
600 mm
700 mm


The rolling direction is controlled by the operator with a practical joystick and/or pedal in the manual models, and managed automatically in the touch screen automatic version (SF 700 AUT). Available in both fixed and adjustable belt speed versions. All models with base are equipped with wheels to facilitate their movement, while the bench models can be placed directly on the countertop.

The SF 600 VTC and SF 700 AUT models are fitted for coupling with cutting rollers, to obtain the most different shapes (croissants, circles, stars etc.).

he scrapers are easily removable to allow an easy cleaning, while the bearings are shielded to avoid flour infiltration. The laminating rollers are chrome-plated, rebored and polished.

Product features

Twin-arms fixed bowl mixer

Planetary mixer

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