Static intermediate proofer

Ideal for products that require resting time between rounding and moulding. Placing the intermediate proofer between the rounder and the moulder eliminates the need of manual handling of dough pieces and reduces the space required for their rest. Inside the proofer the pieces remain statically in the same position on the tray during the whole cycle.
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The CS is an extremely compact proofer, and requires a smaller space compared to the resting table used in the manual process. Precise, reliable and with a high productivity, the CS can load both round pieces and long loaves for baguette production. The motorized V-belt brings the pieces to the loading area, allowing to choose how many pieces to load on each tray. Once in position, the belt opens up, letting the pieces fall on the below tray. The tray then begins its path inside the proofer, and at the end tips over to unload the pieces on a discharging conveyor belt. The number of trays required is calculated based on the desired hourly production rate and the required resting time. In the biggest 75 trays version a resting time of 26 minutes can be reached, with a production rate of 20 pieces/hour of 300 grams maximum (see technical table for complete details).

The number of trays needed is determined based on the desired hourly production and rest time. In the larger version with 75 trays it is possible to reach a resting time of up to 26 minutes with a production of 20 pieces/hour of a maximum of 300 grams (see the technical data for details of the resting times that can be obtained).

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