Spiral mixer for pizza

Turri is pleased to present the first spiral mixer designed specifically for Pizza doughs. Margherita is built to meet the requirements of the most demanding pizza chefs, always focused on the quality of their products and the new needs of their customers. The request for special doughs such as those with ancient grains flour, stoneground or gluten-free and highly digestible, finds the best solution in Margherita. Highly versatile and easy to use thanks to its colour touch screen display, Margherita can work in manual, semiautomatic, and automatic mode, enabling to program mixing cycles with up to 20 working steps.
Bowl capacity (dough)
40 kg
60 kg
80 kg


The temperature control function protects the dough by suspending the working cycle until the temperature goes below the set value, thus allowing Margherita to mix any kind of dough without overheating it. The adjustable speeds of both spiral and bowl allow Margherita to reach very high dough hydration up to over 100%, and to obtain high quality and easy to digest pizzas. The mechanics are very simple and robust, the transmissions are made with adjustable belts to obtain the maximum noiselessness and ease of maintenance. The specific spiral shape and its relative speed to the bowl allow Margherita to quickly mix any kind of dough ensuring a perfect oxygenation. All parts coming into direct contact with the dough, such as the bowl, the spiral and the column are made in stainless steel according to the best sanitary standards.

Product features

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