Eccentric rounder 102 cm diameter

The ideal solution to round medium and soft dough with up to 85% water to flour ratio. Thanks to its eccentric rotatory movement can round pieces from 50 gr up to 2000 gr. The rounding cone eccentricity can be adjusted in order to get the desired accuracy on all sizes.


Its high efficiency allows AR2 to round up to 1800 pcs/hr, significantly reducing processing time. All machine parts coming into direct contact with dough, as well as all mechanic parts, are easily accessible, thus facilitating cleaning and maintenance. Available in the AR2+FP version with integrated FP moulder, to create an all-in-one compact machine for rounding and moulding. AR2 can also be combined with the SVLCS volumetric divider, to create an automatic and compact dividing and rounding line, much appreciated and used in pastry laboratories.

Product features

Conical rounder with fixed channels

Industria 4.0

Touch screen spiral mixer with fixed bowl

Conical rounder with adjustable channels

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