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“Gravi-Line, an investment that pays off from day one” – Case Study


Bäckerei Thomas Ruß – Tina’s Kaffee is a medium-sized bakery located in southern Germany, highly appreciated by its customers for its wide range of artisanal and high-quality bread and pastry products. It has a centralized production department where an average of 6 employees work, and the products are distributed in 3 different sales points.




All the production of bread products is done manually, with a large waste of time and employees. The main product “Seelen” in particular (soft wheat pasta with 24-hour dough) has a hydrated and soft dough, making it necessary to manually process and weigh each individual piece.




Due to the ever-increasing demand for products as well as the increase in the cost of labor and difficulty in sourcing it, the objectives were the following:

  • Automate production with a line while maintaining the quality of the final product equal to that made by hand
  • Produce the greatest number of products through the same line, even in small batches
  • Save time for operators



The customer was invited to personally test our Gravi – Line in the laboratory, a line for processing highly hydrated and leavened products. The tests carried out with the customer’s ingredients focused on the main product “Seleen”, up to the final cooking, without however neglecting other products more representative of its production. All tests ended with success and customer satisfaction with the final result.



Once the GraviLine was installed at the bakery, the results obtained were the following:

  • Almost all types of bread are now processed completely by machine, with constant quality over time
  • The quality of all products remained high and equal to the previous one obtained with manual processing
  • Save time, now we are faster.
  • Reduced stress, easier work
  • Use of the line even for small batches thanks to its high flexibility (set-up times are practically zero)
  • Time required for daily cleaning is very short



“I can recommend GraviLine to all small and medium-sized artisan businesses, because the quality of the products obtained is excellent, the employees are relieved and production is guaranteed. The flexibility of the line allows us to use it for many products and even for small batches.

An investment that pays off from day one”