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Patentend No-Stress divider with weight control

Graviflux is able to divide any kind of dough, from the hardest ones (48% water to flour ratio) to the softest and stickiest ones (up to 90% hydration). The patented cutting system with weighing conveyor belts ensures that the pieces are cut with the highest weight accuracy.

Available models

Graviflux S   Pieces from 50 to 1400 gr

Graviflux   Pieces from 75 to 2000 gr

Graviflux G   Pieces from 100 to 2400 gr

Graviflux G Plus   Pieces from 225 to 3450 gr

No stress process

Gravi-Flux can easily work with both white flour or rye flour, and can process without any problem even dough with over 2 hours of fermentation. The laminating rollers and the guillotine cutting do not compress the dough in any way, and ensure the production of light and soft bread, as if handmade with knife and rolling pin.

Cutting stars

Two lubricated cutting stars placed underneath the hopper cut the dough slices and send them to the lamination system. The star is made in plastic for alimentary use, or in Teflon upon request to handle also the softest and stickiest dough.

Weighing conveyor belts

The dough foil advances on the weighing conveyors to be weighted and cut with very high accuracy. The patented system adapts the conveyor speed in order to reach the desired weight at the moment when the knife comes down. After the cut, the piece weight is checked again, allowing dynamic feedback on the following piece to constantly ensure the highest precision.

Lamination system with beating rollers

The lamination system with beating rollers and their patented alternative movement ensures an even stretching of the dough. The thickness and beating frequency can be adjusted, to gently obtain a continuous dough foil, as baker with a rolling pin would do.

Cutting disks

In the two-rows working mode a lubricated disk cuts the dough in two. The subsequent disk separates the two dough foils, and the dividing belts further separates them.

Ease of cleaning

Graviflux is equipped with a pre-set cleaning program, which allows the machine to clean itself at the end of the shift thanks to the scrapers under the belts and the star lubrication system. All its components are designed to be easily disassembled for deeper cleaning operations

Production data

Gravi-Flux is available in 4 different models to cover different weight ranges. Choose the one that best suits your productions

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Technical features

  • PEPT cutting star
  • Weighing conveyor belts with loading cells
  • Beating lamination rollers
  • Control panel with up to 50 customizable programs for weight, hourly production rate, beating rollers frequency, flour sifter, and more.
  • Teflon cutting stars, for dough with high hydration





Gravi-Line modules

Flexible modular structure: compose the most suitable line to make your products

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