Lifter for plastic boxes

Lifter for plastic boxes with 60x40x35H cm size (84 liters of volume). Ideal to load the Gravi-Flux divider.


Gravi-Sol is highly recommended to automate the dough loading inside the Graviflux hopper. The operator places the plastic box with the dough inside the dedicated stainless-steel slot. Thanks to its chain lifting mechanism, Gravi-Sol unloads the dough inside the Graviflux. The Teflon-coated slide accompanies the dough fall by gravity inside the hopper, preventing the dough from sticking on the lifter parts.

Gravi-Sol is installed on a floor railway, designed to easily move it alongside Graviflux, thus facilitating cleaning and maintenance operations.

Product features

Automatic panning system

Exit conveyor belt for Gravi-Line

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