Exit conveyor belt for Gravi-Line

Motorized conveyor belt for manual unloading of the dough pieces coming out of Graviflux or a complete Graviline. Heigh and speed of the belt ca be adjusted, equipped with two lateral flat surfaces for manual dough handling.
Belt length (cm)
150 cm
205 cm
300 cm


Practical conveyor belt for manual pickup of processed dough pieces, it can easily accommodate up to 6 operators at the same time in the 300cm version. Equipped with two handy flappable lateral working surfaces, as long as the belt itself and 40cm wide. The belt inclination can be adjusted to reach different unloading levels. The control panel allows to adjust the belt speed thanks to its inverter, and to start and stop the whole production line, allowing the operator at the final pickup station to completely control the production process.

Product features

Automatic panning system

Patentend No-Stress divider with weight control

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