Patentend No-Stress divider with weight control

Divides any type of dough without mistreating it, from the hardest with a water/flour ratio of 48%, up to the softest and stickiest ones with a ratio of up to 90%, such as Pinsa alla Romana. The patented weighing belt system allows you to cut pieces with high weight precision.
Available models

Graviflux S   Pieces from 50 to 1400 gr

Graviflux   Pieces from 75 to 2000 gr

Graviflux G   Pieces from 100 to 2400 gr

Graviflux G Plus   Pieces from 225 to 3450 gr

No stress

It handles 100% white flour and 100% rye flour doughs, and can cut doughs with two hours or more of leavening without ruining them. The lamination with beating rollers and the guillotine cutting do not mistreat the dough in the slightest and always ensure a light and alveolated bread as if it were worked by hand with a rolling pin and knife.

Cutting star

Under the hopper, a lubricated star cuts the blocks of dough and sends them to the next rolling stage. The star is made of food-grade plastic or on request Teflon to handle even the softest and stickiest dough.

Weighing belts and knife

The sheet of dough advances on weighing belts, which weigh it with high precision. The patented system adapts the speed of the belts in order to obtain the desired weight at the moment of the cut made by the guillotine. After cutting, the piece is weighed again before leaving the weighing belts, allowing dynamic weight control with "feed-back" on the next piece to continuously guarantee high precision.

Rollers lamination

A patented system of alternating motion beating rollers ensures equal stretching of the fibers throughout the entire thickness of the dough. The system is adjustable in thickness and frequency of strokes, and carries out lamination, producing a continuous and delicately worked sheet of dough, like a baker does with a rolling pin.

Cutting discs

In two-way process, a lubricated disc cuts the dough sheet in two. A subsequent separating disc ensures the separation of the two sheets of dough, and the spreader belts distance them.

Easy cleaning

Thanks to the removable weighing belts, the easily accessible cutting star and the removable flour duster, cleaning Gravi-Flux is always easy and convenient, guaranteeing high performance and little need for extraordinary maintenance.

Production data

Gravi-Flux is available in 4 models to cover different weight ranges, choose the one best suited to your productions!

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Product features

Gravi-Line modules

Completely modular structure: compose the most suitable line to make your products.

Long-loaf moulder for Graviline

Automatic panning system

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